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christmas rose

Hi! *waves* New member!

Posted by wyntir_rose on 2006.11.02 at 07:21

Name/Pen Name: Wyntir_Rose

Age: 32

Genre: Ffanfiction - General/Action-Adventure

NaNo Title: As yet untitled

NaNo Summary: It is a fanfic and it will cover the return of the Decepticons to 'glory' after their ignomious defeats in Season 3. As far as I'm concerned Season 4 never happened, kind of like Star Trek V. I'll also be dealing with the Autobots and what happens to them. With any luck, I'll be able to start my own AU once this fic and "Life After Death" are completed, whenever that happens to be.

Website/Journal: http://wyntir-rose.livejournal.com/ , http://www.fanfiction.net/u/480892/

Anything else: This is my second year attempting NaNo.

Here's a link to the story's location on my LJ: http://wyntir-rose.livejournal.com/tag/na+no+wri+mo

dobby //
Posted by comemylove on 2005.11.02 at 07:18
Name/Pen Name: Corrie
Age: 15
Genre: Young Adult/Romance
NaNo Title: I'd Give Up Forever (Working Title)
NaNo Summary: Horrible at summaries, but here goes:

Emilia never expected to be a mother to her six year old sister she didn't think she had. She didn't expect to fall in love with someone she'd never met before either. But when she finally gives her over-protected heart to the man she loves, he's gone. Will he ever come back?
Website/Journal: http://www.nanowrimo.org/userinfo.php?uid=109566
Anything else: Good luck everyone!!



Posted by smotemote on 2005.10.31 at 16:58
I hope you don't mind first-timers...

Name/Pen Name: Smote
Age: 16.75 to be exact
Genre: Fantasy/Parody
NaNo Title: Imagorra
NaNo Summary: The imaginary land of Imagorra has a problem: the Sockmeister has randomly decided to take over. The only one who can save it all is a human named MC. The Nanonovel is a total on-the-fly first-time try, filled with puns and parodies, as many Dares as the author dares to fit, and over-used cliches galore.
Website/Journal: smotemote
Anything else:
1> It's my first time, and I want to have fun, so I'm going all out for the heck of it.
2> I'm trying to break my habit of rewriting everything five pages in. I hope to make my mistakes become a part of the wacky Imagorra world.



Posted by waitingonacue on 2005.10.29 at 12:00
Current Mood: determined
Current Music: Rod Stewart//It Had to Be You

Name/Pen Name: Ashleigh Ann Gardner/A. Ann Gardner
Age: 16
Genre: Realistic fiction
NaNo Title: Waiting on a Cue
NaNo Summary: Horrible at summaries, but here goes. Three friends living in the northern part of the United States live together in an apartment. Their school, Hyde College, has a new season of plays every year in which they take part in, whether it be through design or acting. After a few weeks of the term, the main characters (Julia, Victor, and Danny) recieve a call from a friend, Lloyd, who has a few financial issues. He moves in the next week and turns everyone's schedules and lives upside down. And thus begins the journey of four friends who manage to stay sane while discovering the importance of companionship and love.
Website/Journal: waitingonacue
Anything else: Good luck! 3 more days!

Posted by nano_ohno on 2005.10.27 at 23:07
Name/Pen Name: Laurenne
Age: 16
Genre: Literary
NaNo Title: For the Days That Leave You Aching
NaNo Summary: I'm awful at summaries, so here are some sentence fragments: "A very fucked friendship, Michigan, regret, anonymous letters, something to do with one of the Great Lakes, dead twin sisters, slight hypochondria, INEVITABLE ROAD TRIP!!!!, looming futures, detachment, and the things that can't be said aloud."
Website/Journal: nano_ohno. Feel free to add.
Anything else: Three/Four days! Damn.



Posted by solemn_dissolve on 2005.10.24 at 15:17
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: underworld on dvd
i've been a lurker for a bit so i thought i'd make myself useful

Name/Pen Name: Lauren Combs/S.T. Whitaker
Age: 17
Genre: sci-fi/horror/fantasy
NaNo Title: Solemn Dissolve
NaNo Summary: a young woman named Adessa (though she doesnt quite know that at the beginning) wakes up in a mausoleum(sp?) and has NO idea who she is and how she got there. the only clues she has to her life is a tiny cutting from a newspaper, a random barely legible phone number and a ripped family portrait in her pocket. She has to find out who she is. on the way she meets and befriends an EXTREMELY mellow and anti-government hitchhiker name Icarus who's collects interesting straws. the one twist is she's a vampire! so she ALSO has to try and find her maker and resist the urge to suck Icarus dry, which he seems to find interesting.
Website/Journal: solemn_dissolve (its friends only but i would LOVe to add fellow NaNo writers to my list of friends)
Anything else: best of luck to all of you guys :)

TGR, Gutenberg, Rubric

Accidental Witness

Posted by wayzgoose on 2005.10.17 at 22:29
Current Mood: Groovin'
Current Music: Smoke Stack-- Johnny Griffin
Name/Pen Name:Nathan/Wayzgoose
Age: 56
Genre: SciFi
NaNo Title: Accidental Witness
NaNo Summary: If they look like us, talk like us, act like us, and feel like us, who cares if there are aliens among us?
Website/Journal: http://www.nwesignatures.com has links to the novel site and notes site, also my 2004 novel "Willow Mills." LJ=I'm Writing a Novel???
Anything else: Visit at http://www.accidentalwitness.blogspot.com where I currently have the chapter outline and will be posting the novel as I write it in November. Friend me and share your comments. Thnx.

dog and cat snuggling


Posted by frakkthat on 2005.10.17 at 18:40
Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: peaches-operate
Name/Pen Name:Nicole
Age: 25
Genre: chick-lit/dark humor
NaNo Summary: Story consists of the many exploits of one Noelle Edison as she tries to figure out life, and how she eneded up where she is now. Struggles with men, friends, booze, work included. Flashbacks a must. Semiautobiographical. Quite possibly tragic.
Website/Journal: frakkthat
Anything else: I am going to post prolly pretty regularly as I am a social worker with few cases right now, which means more free time. FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED!!! Plz just don't be too mean or an asshole about it. Which means please be constructive.....Also! Characters(visuals) and blurbs featured on my journal....


Posted by tmstanton_nano on 2005.10.17 at 17:43
Name/Pen Name: TM Stanton (T-M TEAM BORDERS on NaNoWriMo.org)

Age: 21

Genre: literary fiction, short fiction, politcal

NaNo Title: hahahah I have no idea yet

NaNo Summary: All I know so far is that there's a rather strange group of friends living and working in Washington, DC. There is the publically closeted-gay US Congressmen who among friends is open and very flamboyant, the feminist lobbyist, the typically conservative big-money, big-business lobbyist, and then his girlfriend and her best friend (who are both roughly ten years, or more, younger than the rest). It's based on the lectures, parties, day-to-day stuff of these peoples lives and jobs. For example, dealing with being 15 years younger than your boyfriend, hiding sexuality from your professional life, the ethics rules of Congress, and how to deal with conflicting ideologies in a personal setting.

Website/Journal: my LJ is Kleine_liebchen

Anything else: not too much, living in Washington DC (big surprise there), graduating from college in December (a semester early) with poli sci and lit degrees. Then, who knows? Looking at going into finance or campaigning, plus I hope to get into an MFA program for next fall. Plus I'm working at Borders' Books and Music here in Friendship Heights, in Washington DC. So... anyway, good luck all!

Posted by _sana_ on 2005.10.17 at 18:51
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Name/Pen Name: Kadeen
Age: 15
Genre: Fantasy
NaNo Title: Haven't decided yet.
NaNo Summary: Artemis of Wakefield is determined to advance her magic on her own. She doesn't need any help. However, she's forced to seek it after a little experiment ruins her father's shop and he sends her off to Beurmont Castle so she can train with her brother, Polonius. Despite it's weird students and even weirder teachers, Artemis slowly begins to enjoy herself. Then, Polonius is captured by pirates and who better for the job than her? And, of course, whoever she drags along with her.
Website/Journal: ___splash
Anything else: The story also contains a little homosexuality, so if anybody's bothered by that... sorry.

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